SafeSend Returns Firm Settings Setup Guide

Congratulations! Your Account is created!

Please follow the below guide to set your firm's settings. Please go through your settings before the Power User Training. The settings enabled in the screenshots are recommended but not required.

My Company

  1. Company information
    • Fill in your remaining company information
    • Enter the Address for your PRIMARY Office Location. Other locations can be added at a later time in this process
  2. Primary Admin
    • This will be the first user that was created when account was setup. This person can be changed at a later time
  3. Company Logo
    • You can choose to use the SafeSend returns logo or upload your own logo. 
    • PNG or JPEG, Max Dimensions 300W x 100H


User Management

  1. Add users
    1. Enter User information
    2. Click "Member of" to select which groups the user will be a part of
      • System Admin
        • Allowed to upload & submit returns
        • Can process returns
        • Can manage e-file authorizations post-delivery
        • Only user group to have access to Account Management and Settings
      • Partner 
        • Allowed to upload & submit returns
        • Can process returns
        • Can manage e-file authorizations post-delivery
        • Appear as a selection in the ERO / Signer column when uploading returns
          • An ERO / Signer is required for each return that is uploaded
      • Staff
        • Allowed to upload & submit returns
        • Can process returns
        • Can manage e-file authorizations post-delivery
        • They are able to deliver to the taxpayer but this can be restricted in Settings
    3. Enter password
      • The user will be REQUIRED to change password when they try to login
      • You can email the temporary password on save or choose not to
  2. Edit current user information




Saved Messages

These messages are displayed to Taxpayers on the welcome page once the Taxpayer has successfully accessed the return.

  1. Select a message to edit
  2. Editing options
    • Edit the message
    • Add a new message
    • Delete the message
  3. You can choose a company default message


Client Instructions

These are instructions to your client through each step of the process. Default instructions are already included. You may change to better communicate to your clients. 

  1. Click "Edit Instructions" (this example will be the initial email sent to your clients)
    1. Select a message to edit
    2. Editing options - "Edit"
      1. Instruction name
      2. Email Subject ( Many users add the variable <TAXPAYERNAME> to the email subject)
      3. Instruction Text. This is the actual text relayed to your client
    3. Variable list shows all the variables for auto filling information
    4. You can choose default instructions/Messages on every instruction option




Vouchers & Invoices

  1. Payment Vouchers
    • Enable or Disable Payment vouchers reminders
    • Set default time in advance for these reminders
      • Clients can always change this from inside their return
      • Senders can change on an individual return from the Delivered returns report
  2. Invoice settings
    • Enable or Disable invoices
    • Allow or do not allow returns to be sent without invoices
    • Allow or do not allow your users to replace invoices
  3. Online Payment
    • We allow you to paste a URL to your firms online payment portal. This will allow your clients to click a pay button to pay their invoice to you



  1. 1040 Forms
    • E-Sign all returns. This will process every return for E-Signing. Including states that do not currently allow
    • E-Sign When all included returns are allowed. This will process only returns where all E-File forms belong to states that allow E-Signing. If you have a CA E-File form with a NY E-File form. The return will not be E-Signed due to NY not being allowed
    • Manually sign all returns. No E-Signing, all returns must be printed, signed and uploaded back through the program
  2. 1040 Knowledge-Based Authentication
    • Enable or Disable Knowledge-Based Authentication to initiate the signing process. (This is required by the IRS)
  3. ERO Signatures on e-file Authorization Forms
    • Use Signature Stamps. Partners will upload stamps (image file) to personal settings to be applies to returns which they are assigned. 
      • Enable Signer Delegation. Enable if partners wish to have processors apply their signature stamp on their behalf
    • Use E-Signatures. DO NOT ENABLE. Feature to be removed
  4. Business Returns
    • Enable E-Signing on Business Returns. IMPORTANT: The IRS does not currently allow the use of E-Signatures on entity e-file forms. Enable only if your firm has decided to proceed despite IRS regulation
  5. Manual Signature Options
    1. Return Mailing Address
      • This is where you will add the mailing addresses and fax number of your different offices. Users will select their office as their default for any returns being manually signed. 
      • Edit, Add or Delete any addresses you would like included



  1. Delivery Options
    • Allow any user to Deliver to Client. If Disabled, Partners or System Admins will have to deliver the return
  2. Download Options
    1. Transmittals. Choose one option
      • Include in the PDF of the tax return
      • Create a separate PDF for only Transmittals
    2. Payment Vouchers. Choose one option
      • Separate Vouchers by Quarterly Due Dates
      • Group into a Single PDF
  3. Taxpayer Authentication. Choose one option
    • Last 4 of SSN
    • First 4 of SSN
  4. Customized Delivered Report


Business Returns

Default Documents

  • This displays K-1 instructions for 1065 and 1120S. You can replace if needed. We will Add these instructions around Feb 1 when we get the new PDFs.


This Completes your Firm Account Setup!

Should you have any questions, please bring them to the attention of your Client Success Specialist during your power user training session.  

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