Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Firm users

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Login to SSR.
  • Under Settings, go to Security.
  • Toggle the Text Based Authentication button to On.


  • When toggled On you will see a Pop-up for your settings. 
    • You can also access this by clicking the Settings icon to the right.
  • On the first tab, you will select which internal users you will enable MFA for.
    • You can check Enable for ALL to quickly turn the setting on for all users.
    • You can also toggle it on for individual users.


  • On the Settings Tab we have rules and exceptions to suit your authentication needs.
  • Trusted IP's
    • You can add trusted IP addresses.
    • When a user connects from a trusted IP address they will not have to perform MFA to access their account.
  • Remember Multi-factor Authentication
    • When enabled your users can opt to remember their device and not have to get a text message code at every login.
    • You may also set a number of days that resets this and will force the user to login with MFA again.


Using Multi-Factor Authentication
  • When enabled, your next login will ask to enter your mobile phone number for verification. Please ensure you enter a device able to receive SMS messages.
  • Please enter your phone number and click Verify.


  • A code will be sent in a text message to your phone.


  • Enter the code.
  • If allowed, you may check the option to remember your device.
  • Click "Submit" to verify code.
  • You will be logged in to SafeSend Returns.

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