Custom Column Setup & Usage

You can add one custom column to your Delivered Returns Report. In this example, I will be using different Office Locations. 

Common Custom Columns

  • Office Location
  • E-File Status

Using the Custom Column

  • Open "Settings"
  • "General"


  • Under "Customize Delivered Report" You can set up your own Custom Column.
    • The Column Name text box will display the name of the column in Delivered Reports.  
  • In Values, we can enter any information that we want to display in the column.
    • Type into the text box and then press the green "Add" button when finished.
Using the Custom Column
  • Got to Reports and "Delivered Returns"
  • You will see the column that you have created. "Location"
  • Check the box next to (left of) the return you want to edit.
  • A button will be presented on the upper command options, labeled "Change Location".


  • When opened, you will see a drop-down of all your Values to choose from
  • Select an option
  • Click "Save"


  • Once saved, you will see your change made in your custom column.
Deleting the Custom Column
  • Select the Delete button
  • You will see a message to confirm and click "Yes"
  • Your column will now be deleted
  • Please note, this function will delete all Column Values associated with the Column Name as well


Setting Up a Default Custom Column

You can set up a default Custom Column value in your settings to automatically apply to each return that is assigned to you in Assignments.


Adjusting Custom Column for a Return

You can adjust the value of a return for the Custom Column if the default does not fit.  In the Delivery Options tab, scroll down to find the Custom Column drop-down and select the correct value.


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