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  • If your firm uses Single Sign-On with Office365, only Administrators will have a password reset option. 
  • If you are locked out of your account, and Administrator will need to approve your password reset OR you can wait 15 minutes for the account to unlock. 
  • Administrators cannot approve their own password resets; they should wait 15 minutes or have a different Administrator approve the reset. 

Request Password Reset Link

  1. Navigate to the login page
  2. Click Forgot your password?
  3. Type into the Email Address field.
  4. Click Submit.
    • You'll receive an email from that contains the reset password link.



Reset Your Password

  1. Click here to reset your password in the password reset email.  
  2. Verify the email address is correct for the account.
  3. Enter a new password in the New Password field, using the guidelines on the right.
  4. Re-enter the same password into Confirm Password.
  5. Click Submit to save the new password.



A window pops up confirming that your password has been changed successfully.  Log in with the new password.

System Admin

Administrators can send a password reset email to Staff, Partner, or Admin users. 

  1. Navigate to Account Management in the left panel. 
  2. Click User Management.
  3. Click the ellipses (...) under the Actions column.
  4. Click Reset Password.


Locked Account

A user account gets locked when an incorrect password is entered 3 times. When a password reset is requested for a locked account, an Administrator must approve the password reset. The user can also wait 15 minutes for the account to unlock, then reset their password. 

Staff/Partner Account

For Staff/Partner users, an Administrator can approve the password reset via email. 

  1. Click Approve for Password in the Request to Reset SSR Password email. 
  2. Login to SafeSend Returns. 
  3. Click Approve to approve the password reset.




Administrator Account

If an Administrator's account is locked, an approval password email is still generated, but the locked Administrator cannot approve their own password reset. If they attempt to, they will get stuck in a reset/approval loop. 

Another Administrator on the account would need to approve the reset, or the Administrator can wait 15 minutes for the account to unlock.

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