Signer Delegation: Firm Settings

Signer Delegation allows a return recipient to grant signing responsibility to a third party.

Enabling Signer Delegation

  • A System Admin will need to login into SafeSend Returns and navigate to the Settings icon.

Click on E-Sign Options.


  1. Under Signer Delegation, choose which return types should have Signer Delegation enabled and toggle those to ON.
  2. Once Signer Delegation is enabled, System Admins may enable KBA (Knowledge Base Authentication) for delegated signers (recommended).
    • KBA will be not enabled by default for 1040 tax returns. 
  3. Click Apply.
    • If System Admins do not click Apply, the settings will not be saved.


Next Steps:

Signer Delegation: Controller Experience 

Signer Delegation: Signer Experience

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