SMS Text Notifications

Taxpayers can choose to receive notifications via text once they have provided consent. This article provides instructions on how to turn this setting on and how this will apply to the client experience.  

Enable SMS Notifications


In order to ensure the taxpayer receives both notifications, both Suite and Return settings should be applied. 

Suite Settings

SMS Text Notifications must be turned on in the Suite Settings in order for it to be an available option. 

Please note:

If this feature becomes disabled, this will override any previously applied SMS settings.
  1. Navigate to the Suite Settings.
  2. Go to the General section. 
  3. Toggle SMS Text Notification to On.

Enable SMS Notifications.png

Return Settings

In order for the taxpayer to receive a SMS reminder to sign, this must be turned on in the Return Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Settings in SafeSend Returns.
  2. Select E-Sign Options.
  3. If it is not already, check Automatic Signing Reminders
  4. Toggle the Send default SMS Text Reminder before __ to On.
  5. Select the amount of days before due date you want client to receive reminder. 
  6. Click Apply. 

Enable in Returns settings.png

Turn on SMS Notifications for Client

SMS Notifications can be turned on for each client by updating the setting in Client Management OR throughout the return process.

Enable in Client Management

  1. Navigate to Client Management.
  2. Locate the client you need to update the settings for and select Edit. 
  3. Toggle SMS Text Notification to On
  4. Click Update

Update in Client Management.png

Enable while processing a return

If this is enabled during processing, it will also update in Client Management and default to On.

  1. Complete steps to Process a Return.
  2. Navigate to the Delivery Options section.
  3. Toggle Taxpayer SMS Text Notification to On

Turn on during processing.png

Enable for Delivered Return

If the taxpayer has not signed, you can still turn the setting on in the Client Info section.

  1. Locate the taxpayer return and click on the green Client Info icon.
  2. Toggle SMS Text Notification to On
  3. Click Save

Enable for delivered return.png

Client Experience

Notifications Verbiage

The below messages outline the verbiage for each notification type.

  • Signature Reminder: "Hi <Taxpayername>! This is a reminder to please sign your tax returns before the deadline.” - <CompanyName> "To stop receiving messages from us, simply text "STOP"."
  • The firm has received your signed tax forms: "Hi <Taxpayername>! Congrats! <CompanyName> has received your signed tax documents and will e-file your tax returns.” - <CompanyName> “To stop receiving messages from us, simply text "STOP".

Taxpayer Experience

The taxpayer must complete the initial authentication steps before they will be provided with the consent screen.

  1. Complete steps 1-3 of the Client Experience
  2. The SMS Text Notification prompt will appear.
    • Taxpayers can enter their phone number and click Yes.
    • If the taxpayer chooses to not enter a phone number, the only option will be to select No.

ClientExperience- Consent screen.png

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