Adding Custom Authorities

This setting will allow you to add custom tax authorities to the drop-down list of our default authorities when adding vouchers and refunds. To add a custom authority, follow the steps below:

  1. Under “Settings”.
  2. Go to “Vouchers & Invoices”.
  3. Select the blue button, "Add Custom Authority".


From the new window:

  1. Enter the State, City, and Online Payment URL for the authority.
  2. Prefix State Code with City Name - A State Code will be prefixed to the entered city (i.e. ID-Meridian).
  3. Activated - Once activated, the Custom Authority will be available for users to select.
  4. Select "Add".


Once an authority has been added, you will have the ability to:

A. Edit 

B. Delete

C. Deactivate



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