Error or Non-Supported Status

An ERROR or Non-Supported status indicates the return has missing or additional information preventing a successful upload. This article contains troubleshooting steps to correct these statuses. 


Check Print Settings

  • Upload the client copy, regardless of the print program. 
  • Remove any projections for the next tax year included in the return.
  • Remove any PDF attachments. 
  • For UltraTax CS® users, ensure the state and federal returns are printed as 1 PDF. 
  • For UltraTax CS® users, ensure the return is the correct size. 

Check the Recommended Print Settings Help Center article for information specific to your tax program. 

Ensure The Return is a Supported Return Type

See our Current Supported Returns article to ensure that the return being uploaded is supported by the program.

PDF Requirements

Editing a PDF can block or alter the key components of the forms our system uses to recognize them:

  • Verify the PDF is not locked or masked.
  • The PDF cannot be edited after printing.
  • Ensure there are no stamps or text boxes covering return information.

Include K-1s with Applicable Returns

1065, 1120S, and certain 1041 returns must include all applicable K-1 packages. If the return has K-1 packages and Users do not want them delivered, upload the return in its entirety and then remove the K-1 pages during Processing.

  • Ensure the CCH® K-1s are printed in the same PDF as the main return and a cover page is included.

  • UltraTax CS®, GoSystem® Tax RS, Lacerte® K-1s are printed separately from the return and uploaded alongside the main return. 

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