Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) Troubleshooting

We use Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) in order to meet IRS requirements for identity verification, which allows for returns to be signed electronically. During signing, taxpayers may receive error messages or incorrect questions when attempting to pass KBA to e-sign their returns. In case they encounter any issues while signing, we have some troubleshooting tips that may help resolve the issue. 

For more information about KBA and LexisNexis, please see the following help desk articles:

Please Enter a Valid Date of Birth

The DOB entered by the taxpayer does not match their SSN, according to the KBA question-generating software LexisNexis.

The Taxpayer Does Not Qualify For KBA

The SSN and/or name in SafeSend Returns may be incorrect. 

  • Click the green Edit Client Info button in the Action menu for the return to ensure the SSN and name are correct.

KBA- Verify info.png

The Taxpayer Sees Unfamiliar Questions

This could be due to a suffix (Jr. Sr., etc.) in the taxpayers name. You can remove this in the Client Info section.

  • Click the green Edit Client Info button in the Action menu for the return to remove the suffix. 
  • This will not affect any information in the actual tax return, just the information used to generate the KBA questions and confirm the taxpayer's identity.

Loading Issues

This could also be an issue with the taxpayer's browser.

  • We would recommend that the taxpayer use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge and clear their cache and cookies before attempting again.
  • If using a mobile device, ensure the return is opened in a browser app and not the email app. 

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