Please Select Partner Type

When attempting to deliver an entity a return, you may see the error message "Please select Partner Type."

This message indicates that one or more K-1 packages do not have a Partner Type selected. 

This can happen if the package is missing an SSN/EIN. If there is no SSN/EIN, the system is not able to determine if the package is for an individual or an entity. 

A Partner Type and SSN/EIN are required to deliver the return. If no SSN/EIN is present, the error message "Please enter a valid SSN/EIN." appears. 


To correct this issue: 

  1. Navigate to the K-1s tab during processing. 
  2. Click a K-1 Bookmark in the left panel to open the Partner Information panel. 
  3. Select a Partner Type from the drop-down. 
  4. Enter a valid SSN/EIN
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each K-1 package in the return. 

The return can now be delivered. 


If the K-1 recipient does not have an SSN or EIN, a placeholder number can be used. This placeholder number will be associated with that K-1 recipient's email address, so the same placeholder should not be used for multiple recipients. 


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