Signature Status Not Updating

Occasionally, the taxpayer will report that they have signed the return, but the signature status in Returns will still show Awaiting E-sign or Partially Signed. This can be due to some confusion on the taxpayer side or may be related to a system issue. To determine which is the case, follow the steps below. 

  1. Locate the return in question. 
  2. Click the Action(...) menu. 
  3. Click Client View.
  4. Select the Client Folder.
  5. Verify what message displays on the landing page. 
  • If the return shows Your tax returns are ready!, this indicates the taxpayer has not signed yet. 
    • The status should show Awaiting Upload or Awaiting E-Sign
  • If the return shows You have completed all required steps, we are awaiting <spouse name> signature, this indicates one spouse has signed and the other has not. 
    • The status should show Partially Signed
  • If the return shows All required steps for your tax returns have been completed, this indicates the taxpayer has completed signing. 
    • The status should show Uploaded or E-Signed

Go to client view.pngVerify message.png

Status is Correct

If the status matches the Client View for the return, you can guide the taxpayer or spouse to sign their return. The following resources may be helpful for the client: 

[Video] 1040 Client Experience 

[Video] Entity Client Experience with K-1 Distribution

Client Experience 

Status is Incorrect 

If the status shows Awaiting Upload or Awaiting E-Sign or Partially Signed, but the Client View shows all steps have been completed, you can recall and redeliver the return to reset the signing process. This should correct the issue, but the taxpayer and/or spouse will be prompted to sign again. 

If you cannot recall and redeliver the return, we may be able to correct the status on our end, but these requests can take some time. We cannot always correct the status, but we can request that our team take a look to see if it is possible. Please send an email to or call 1-855-818-3552 to report the issue. Please provide the Client ID for the affected return. 

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