Recalling a Return

If changes need to be made to a return after it's been delivered to a client, users can recall a return. New PDF copies of the return can be uploaded, or it can be re-processed to correct payment/refund amounts and due dates. 


  • Recalled returns that are delivered to the client again will count as the same return. Firms are not charged twice for resending a recalled return.
  • When a return is recalled, signed documents are no longer available for download. The client will be prompted to sign again upon delivery.

How to Recall a Return

  1. Navigate to Delivered Returns or Archive Returns
  2. Find the return that needs to be recalled and click the More (...) drop-down.
  3. Select Recall Return.
  4. Review the details to make sure it is the correct return.
  5. Click Confirm.


Recalled returns appear in the Send Tax Returns screen with a status of RECALLED. For more information on how to reprocess them, see Processing a recalled return.


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