Client Experience

This article outlines the full taxpayer experience. The taxpayer can access the return, review, sign, pay vouchers/invoices, deliver K-1s, and download documents. 

Initial Email

The taxpayer receives an email with a link to the designated return.

  1. Click Let's Get Started

Initial email.png

Start Page
  1. Click Contact to reach out to the firm if you have any questions.
  2. Click Get Started.


Social Security Number Authentication (personal returns only):

  1. Enter 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  
  2. Click Continue.

Enter SSN.png

Access Code Verification:

  1. Click Send Code.
    • The message will state whether the code is being delivered to your email address or your phone.
      • Email Access Code: An 8-digit access code is sent to the same email address as the initial email was sent to.
      • Mobile Access Code: A 6-digit access code is sent to your cell phone via text message.
  2. Enter the 6 or 8-digit access code in the code field.
  3. Click Continue.

Send Access Code.png

Enter access code.png

SMS Text Notification Consent

  • This will only appear in the case that your tax provider has turned this setting on internally. 
  • By consenting to the SMS Text Notifications, you are agreeing to allow SafeSend to send reminders to sign your tax return via text message. This consent will be valid for 12 months. 

SMS Text Consent.png

Welcome Page

This is the main dashboard for your return. 

  1. The title line displays:
    • Tax year for the return.
    • Contact Person will provide an email for a contact at the firm in case you have any questions.
    • Client Panel will allow you to change your mobile number or edit spouse's information.
  2. The progress bar shows the step the return is currently in.
  3.  Total refunds and payments for the return are displayed on the left.
    • Click the Print icon to print the summary. 
    • Use the bottom arrows to open the panel for more viewing.
  4. A quick overview of the steps in SafeSend Returns is displayed.
    • Depending on what was included in the return by your tax preparer, these steps may appear differently. These additional steps will be outlined in the article. 
  1. Click Get Started to Proceed.

Welcome Page.png

Message from Preparer

This page displays any instructions or messages included by the tax firm.

  1. View the message from your tax preparer. 
  2. Click Print if you would like to print the message. 
  3. Click Next.

Message from preparer.png

Review Tax Documents
  1. Click the Return Section you want to review (filing instructions, tax return, and attachments). 
  2. Click Download to download and save the selected documents to your device.
  3. Click Forward to forward all available documents to an external email address. 
    • Ability to choose select documents. 
    • Multiple emails can be entered.
  4. Click Next.

Review tax return.png

Sign Tax Documents

There may be up to 3 options to sign:

  1. e-Sign - Sign electronically from this website (only if enabled for your return type).
  2. Manually Sign - Print, Sign, and Return the forms.
  3. Delegate Signing - Send tax forms to partners or shareholders for signatures.

Signing options.png

Sign Tax Documents Electronically
  1. Enter or verify Your Date of Birth for verification.
  2. Check the box to consent to e-signing.
  3. Enter your spouse's email address (if applicable).
    • If the firm has mobile text verification enabled, you have the option to enter their mobile number as well.
  4. Click Next to proceed to:
    • Knowledge-based authentication for individual returns.
    • E-sign Your Documents for entity returns.
DOB-spouse info.png

Knowledge-Based Authentication


Knowledge-based authentication is required to verify your identity. These questions will only appear for individual return types. 
  1. Select the correct answer.
    • Answer 3 of 5 questions correctly to pass. 
      • If you pass, continue to the E-Sign Your Documents.
      • If you fail, you will need to Manually Sign your documents. 
  2. Click Next.

E-Sign Your Documents

A list of all pages that require your signature is listed in the left panel. A green check appears next to the page after it is signed. 

  1. Click on the Start arrow to be led to your first signature line.
    • E-sign Click Start.png
  2. Click on the green signature block to open the Signature window.
    • Continue to click this arrow as you proceed through each signature. 
  3. Click Type OR Draw to apply your signature.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click Next.

Apply signatures.png

Please note:

If you have a spouse who will be signing, you will see the confirmation screen below. Here you can update the spouse's email and add a phone number (not required).
Spouse confirmation.png
Manually Sign Your Documents
  1. Click Download to download documents requiring a signature.
  2. Drag and drop the documents OR Click to Upload to browse your files to upload the signed documents. 
  3. View the alternative sending methods if you are unable to upload the signed documents electronically: 
    • Send by Mail
    • Send by Fax
  4. Click Next

Manually Sign.png

Paper File Your Returns

Note: Paper File Returns will only appear if your delivered return includes a paper-filed return. You must consent to the terms of the Paper File before you are allowed to print the documents.

  • By clicking I Consent, you agree to file the Paper File Return with the respective tax authority.
  • If you choose to Skip to Next Step you can access your Paper File Returns from the summary page and receive the Consent to Paper File Returns pop-up again.

Paper file consent.png

  1. Print or Download the Paper File returns individually under the Action column for each return. 
  2. Click Print to print ALL the returns into 1 PDF. 
  3. Click Download All to download a ZIP File with ALL paper file returns. 
  4. Click Skip to skip this step OR
  5. Click Next.

Download and print paper files.png

Distribute K-1s
You have three options in the Distribute K-1 section: 
  1. Send electronically- This will allow you to email them from this website.
  2. Mail Hard Copies- Download Print, and Mail.
  3. Click Next to skip this step and distribute the K-1s later.
Distribute K-1s.png

Distribute K-1s Electronically

For recipients who do not already have an email present, you can click Edit to enter the emails. 

  1. Select the K-1 recipients you will be sending to.
    • Choose the Select All checkbox to select all K-1 recipients. 
    • Choose each K-1 to send individually.
  2. Click Email Documents to send out the selected K-1s.
  3. Click Send Later if you are not ready to distribute any K-1s.

Distribute k-1s electronically.png

Distribute K-1 Hard Copies

  1. Click Download.
  2. Select Download All K-1s to download all of the K-1 packages to a single PDF OR
  3. Select the K-1 packages you want to download as individual PDFs.
  4. Select Download Selected K-1s.
  5. Click Download to download each K-1 package separately. 
  6. Click Continue. 

Distribute K-1s hard copy.png

Tax Payments

View Tax Payments


Estimated payments will appear on the next page once you click Continue
  1. Click on the Due date to view the payments due. 
  2. Check or Uncheck the Email me reminder... to adjust reminder settings. 
    • If checked, you can adjust the number of days before the due date that you receive the reminder. 
  3. Click Payment Voucher to download all vouchers.
  4. Click Filing Instructions to download all filing instructions.
  5. Click Next. 

View tax payments.png

How to Pay

  1. Click Pay.
  2. Click Pay Now to open a new tab for the taxing authorities website to pay online. 
  3. Click Get Voucher to download the payment voucher.
  4. Click Add Payment Details to mark the voucher as Paid.
    • This step is optional and for record-keeping only
  5. Review the pop-up warning and click Done.  
  6. Enter the details for the payment made. 
    • Check Number is optional. 
  7. Click Add Payment when done. 
  8. Click Next to complete all steps.
End Page/Return Page

The final page of the return is the page you see when you re-enter the return at a later date. You may see up to the following options: 

  1. Summary panel. 
    • Click the Print icon to print the summary. 
  2. Send reminder to spouse for joint 1040s. 
  3. Click Make Tax Payments to be directed back to the Pay section.
  4. Click Download Tax Documents to see a list of documents included in the return.
  5. Click View Tax or Forward Tax Documents to be taken back to the review step.
  6. Click View or Download Signed Documents to download the signed e-file forms.
  7. Click Print and Mail Paper File Returns to access your Paper File returns.
  8. Click Pay or View Tax Preparation Fees to pay your invoice or mark it as paid. 

End page.png

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