Why Can't the Taxpayer Enter Their Date of Birth (DOB)?

SafeSend Returns may request that the taxpayer enter a valid date of birth. This can occur for a handful of reasons:

  • The DOB entered by the taxpayer does not match their SSN, according to the KBA question generating software Nexis Lexis.
  • The SSN and/or name in SafeSend Returns are incorrect. 
    • The firm can use the green Edit Client Info button in the action menu for the return to ensure the SSN and name are correct.mceclip0.png
  • There is a suffix (Jr. Sr., etc.) in the Client Info section.
    • The firm should remove the suffix using the green Edit Client Info button.
    • This will not affect any information in the actual tax return, just the information used to generate the KBA questions and confirm the taxpayer's identity.
  • This could also be an issue with the taxpayer's browser.
    • We would recommend that the taxpayer use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge and clear their cache and cookies before attempting again.
    • We do not recommend Internet Explorer because Microsoft has stopped supporting it, which can cause issues when working through this process.
    • They may also want to avoid mobile devices because some email apps will open the link inside of the app rather than in a web browser.
  • If the steps above do not correct the issue, we would recommend the firm recall and redelivers the return to reset the KBA process.
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