• On the right will be a pane with “Grouping”
  • Expanding this will allow you to move the current pages from E-File Authorizations into another group (Transmittals, Tax Returns, Vouchers, Invoices, Deleted)

  • All E-File Authorizations will appear in this tab (Federal and State)
  • On the left, you will see view options for included Pages
    • Thumbnail View
    • Bookmark

  • If your firm has decided to use the E-Sign options, you will see Signature & Date boxes, highlighted in yellow, for each signer on each e-file authorization you select
    • You will also see Signature & Date boxes for any other signer of this e-file authorization
    • You are able to move or delete these boxes

  • Once you have completed reviewing the E-File group, click “Next” across the bottom or select the “Vouchers” tab across the top (both actions move you to the next step in the process)
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