E-File Tab



  • Above the thumbnail preview of the e-file page are the following options:
    • Move To allows you to move a page out of the E-File grouping.  Expanding this will allow you to move the current pages from E-File Authorizations into another group (Transmittals, Tax Returns, Vouchers, Invoices, Deleted)
    •  The “Revert” icon to the left of Zoom will take the page back to normal zoom and exit the Zoom controls.
    • Zoom button.  Selecting this will bring up a large zoom section that you can manipulate.  Left-clicking on an area will zoom in.  Right-clicking will zoom out.
  • All E-File Authorizations will appear in this tab.  You can see them all listed on the left.
  • If your firm has decided to use the E-Sign options, you will see Signature & Date boxes, highlighted in yellow, for each signer on each e-file authorization you select
    • You will also see Signature & Date boxes for any other signer of this e-file authorization
    • You are able to move or delete these boxes
    • You can also add signature boxes by dragging and dropping them from the right-hand menu
    • The dropdown with the taxpayer's name allows you to select the taxpayer or spouse. When one is selected, the signature boxes assigned to that taxpayer will be highlighted. 

Once you have completed reviewing the E-File group, click “Next” across the bottom or select the “Vouchers” tab across the top (both actions move you to the next step in the process)

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