Processing a Recalled Return

After recalling a return, a user has the option to re-process it in order to deliver it back to the taxpayer. Users see a different set of actions for recalled returns than for new returns. These actions are described below.


  • Recalled returns will appear on the Send Tax Returns screen with a status of RECALLED.
  • Recalled returns that are delivered to the client again count as the same return. Firms are not charged twice for resending a recalled return.
  • Firms using the UltraTax CS®, GoSystem®, Lacerte®, or CCH Axcess integration for printing directly to SafeSend Returns must manually re-upload changed returns including K-1 packages. They cannot print directly from the tax software again for recalled returns. See our Recommended Print Settings and Processing articles for guidance. 
    • For UltraTax CS®, GoSystem®, Lacerte® the K-1s must be printed as separate PDF files and uploaded alongside the main return PDF. 
    • For CCH Axcess the K-1s must be included in the main return PDF and separated by a coversheet. 
  • Ensure the appropriate Print Settings are followed to prevent an Error or Non-Supported status. 

Recalled returns have four actions available to them:

    1. Reprocess Return: The purple circle allows a user to process the return again without uploading a new document.
      • Note: Once a user starts to reprocess, they can no longer upload a new version of the return. They can redeliver and recall the return again to get the upload option back. 
    2. Upload Corrected Return: The gray recycle arrows allow a user to upload a new version of the return to replace the original document.
    3. Client Tracking: The yellow clock arrow brings up the Client Tracking pop-up for the return. It shows events related to the return, who performed them, and the date and time. 
    4. Delete Return: The red X deletes the return entirely.


After selecting the reprocess icon or uploading a corrected return, process the return as you normally would. See the Processing a Return article for more information about this. 

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