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New Feature: Download PDF
In response to user requests, we have added a new Download PDF, optional functionality to SafeSend Returns (SSR). This feature is designed for clients your firm will not be using SSR to deliver the tax return to. Prime examples are when you have a client you’re using a portal system to deliver the tax return PDF through, or clients you will be generating a paper return for. Download PDF (also called Assembly Only) allows your firm to use SSR for the recognition and assembly functionality and convenience, and also keep tax return assembly and workflow process consistent across the firm.

When this feature is enabled, you will see an additional option when the "Finish" button is clicked. This will give you the ability to generate and download the PDF tax return after recognition and assembly. This allows you to utilize the SafeSend Returns recognition and assembly service as you normally would, but without using SSR to electronically deliver the tax return to the client.

Steps to Enable and Use

  • A System Admin or Partner will need to access Settings, then General.  Scroll down the page until you locate Download PDF under Additional Service.  Click the toggle to enable the Download PDF option when finalizing your return.


  • With the option enabled, you can go into a return and press Finish like you would when finalizing a return.  There is a new option available under Delivery, to Download PDF.  This will not deliver the return to a client but will provide you with a download of the PDF after it has been finalized by our system.
    1. Download Multiple PDF Files will separate the PDF download into multiple groupings if that is your preference.
      1. E-File Forms
      2. Vouchers
      3. Invoice
      4. Transmittals
      5. Tax Return
    2. Download Single PDF file will download all of the sections prepared by SSR into one document.
    3. If this option is selected you can click on individual sections and use the Move Up and Move Down arrows to change the order of the sections in the PDF when it is finalized and available for download.
    4. You can save any order you create as the default order of the sections for future downloads to save you time when processing through SSR.
    5. You can select this to be notified when files are available for download so you can continue to work on other returns as you wait for the system to finish compiling it for you.


Status in Delivered Returns

Once the file has been prepared for printing, it will appear in your Delivered Returns as Alternate Delivery.  This status will remain until the file has been returned to you, signed, where you can upload it from the Delivery Report.  The status will then change to Alternate and Uploaded.


If a correction needs to be made to a delivered return that used this Finish Option, you can use the action menu and select Reprocess Return:


This will move the return to the All Assignments section and the status will be TO BE REPROCESSED. This process is the same as recalling a return that was delivered electronically, but the verbiage is slightly different. For more information about re-processing returns, see the help desk article below:

How to Recall a Return

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