Deceased Taxpayer Option for 1040 Returns

At some point, you will have a taxpayer who is deceased and therefore unable to sign any documents. The executor is responsible for ensuring that any tax is paid. 1040 Returns have a "Deceased" checkbox underneath their information in the "Client Info" tab, which will allow you to ensure that the return is sent to the executor.

  •  For Joint Returns:
    • Check the box for the deceased signer.
    • All signature controls and the signer experience will be disabled for that signer.

Please Note:

The 'Taxpayer View' for these returns will default to the main taxpayer even if they are marked as deceased. The spouse will not see this if the taxpayer is marked as deceased. All of the information in the 'Taxpayer View' for the spouse will be the same, but their name will be on the landing page rather than the taxpayers.

  • For Individual Returns:
    • Checking the box for the deceased taxpayer changes the return to a manual sign.
    • Admin will enter the taxpayer email as the email of the person who is going to sign (person in charge of the estate).


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