K-1 Distribution - Taxpayer Instructions

Part of the taxpayer experience is the review and distribution of K-1s.  The K-1 packages can be distributed by the taxpayer that the return was delivered to, or by the firm if the setting for it is enabled.


The taxpayer and the firm can only distribute K-1s after the return has been signed.

Access Return

  1. Click the link that was emailed to you by your tax firm. 
  2. Click the tab that shows Click Here to Get Started
  3. Click the Request Access Code button to receive an access code. 
  4. Enter the code that was sent to you via email or phone, depending on your tax firm's settings. 
  5. Click Continue to go to the landing page for the return. 
  6. Click the Click Here to Begin button to continue to the Distribute K-1s section. 





Distribute K-1s

  1. Click the Email them from this website button to distribute electronically or Click Download, Print, and Mail to distribute manually.
  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the Partner(s) you want to send the K-1s to. 
  3. Click the Email Documents button to send the selected K-1s. 



Update Partner Details

A. Click to Update K-1 Partner Details.

B. Click to download the K-1 pdf.

C. Click to refresh the Company line.


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