Client Experience: Returns on Mobile

Taxpayers may review and sign their returns on a mobile phone instead of a computer. The client experience on mobile is outlined below.


  • The link received should be opened in a web browser app, like Google Chrome or Firefox. If the link is opened in an email app, it may not function properly.
  • The Download option is not available during the Review step. The taxpayer will need to complete the signing before they can download the return.
  • The Distribute K-1s option is not available on mobile devices. 
  • The Paper File option is not available on mobile devices. 
  • The Pay option for invoices is not available on mobile devices. 
    • The taxpayer will see the following message if Stripe is enabled and the taxpayer is required to pay prior to signing. 


  • The Manual Signing option is not available on mobile devices.
    • The taxpayer will see the following message if they are required to manually sign. 


Initial Email

The taxpayer receives an email with a link to the designated tax return. All emails come from 

  1. Click the access link or copy/paste it into a browser to get started. 


Start Page

The start page shows the firm's logo and the name of the client.

  1. Click Get Started to proceed to authentication. 


Authentication Screen

Social Security Number Authentication

Personal returns include the Social Security Number Authentication screen before Access Code verification.


Business/Entity returns do not have Social Security Numbers that we can use for verification so this step is not available.  Continue to Access Code Authentication

  1. Enter the first or last 4 of the Social Security Number as required.
  2. Click Continue


Access Code Verification

One of two pages will display based on the firm's settings.

  1. Email Access Code - Access codes are sent to the email address assigned to the return.
  2. Mobile Access Code - Access codes are sent to the taxpayer's cell phone via text message.
  1. Click the Request Access Code button.
    • A green banner will appear to let you know that the request was received.
  2. Enter the access code in the Enter access code here field after receiving it.
  3. Click Continue to proceed to the Welcome Page.


Welcome Page

A notification will appear advising the taxpayer to move to a laptop or desktop if they would like to download their return. 

  1. Click OK to proceed. 
  2. A summary of refunds and payments due will be displayed. 
  3. Click Select Here to Begin to proceed to the Message from Preparer.

rom7.png rom8.png

Message from Preparer

This page displays instructions from your tax firm if there are any special requirements.  

  • Click Continue in the bottom right to move to the Review Tax Documents section. 


Review Tax Documents

The taxpayer will be able to review their tax documents, beginning with their invoice (if included), then their filing instructions, and finally the tax return.

  • Click Continue to proceed from the Invoice to the Filing Instructions.
  • Click Continue to proceed from the Filing Instructions to the Tax Return
  • Click Continue to proceed from the Tax Return to the Sign Step. 

Mobile10.png Mobile11.png


Verify Signer and Spouse Information

The taxpayer will be prompted to enter their date of birth and consent to e-Sign. 

  1. Select Your Date of Birth from the drop-downs.
  2. Check the box to consent to e-signing.
  3. Click Continue.


  1. Enter the Spouse's email address (for Married Filing Joint Returns only).
  2. Enter their mobile number for text message Access Codes (optional). 
  3. Click Continue.


Knowledge-Based Authentication
  • Each KBA session will contain 3-5 questions.
    • You must answer 3 questions correctly to pass. 
  • A disclosure explains how Knowledge-Based Authentication questions are generated. 
  • Click Continue
  • Select the radio button that corresponds with the correct answer. 
  • Click Continue to move on to the next question
    • If you pass, Click Continue to proceed to the E-Sign Your Documents section.
    •  If you fail, the return must be manually signed using the desktop version of the program. See the Manual Signing Process article for more information. 

Mobile15.png Mobile16.png

E-Sign Your Documents
  1. Click the Start arrow to be led to your first signature.
  2. Click the green signature blocks to open the Signature window to type out or draw your signature.
    • Click Apply to use this selected signature moving forward.
    • Use the Next arrow to be led to your next signature.
  3. Click Done to continue to the Completed section.

Mobile17.png Mobile18.png

Confirmation Screen

Once signing is completed, you will see a confirmation page.

  • Click Download all my tax documents to download the full return.


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