Client Experience: Returns on Mobile

Clients will occasionally want to respond to their returns on a mobile device instead of on a dedicated computer.  SafeSend Returns is compatible with mobile devices, but the experience will vary.  See below for screenshots of the mobile process so you can understand the client experience.

Please Note: 

  • The taxpayer will not be given the option to download the return to their mobile device before they sign. They can click the link on a desktop or laptop in order to download the files before signing. 
  • The "Pay" option is not available on mobile devices. 
  • The link received should be opened in a web browser app, like Google Chrome or Firefox. If the link is opened within the email app, it may not function properly. 
  • iPad Users: We would recommend the taxpayer ensure they are using the tablet in landscape mode instead of portrait. They may also need to zoom out/in to get the continue button to appear. If this does not correct the issue, they may want to try using Chrome or FireFox instead of Safari. 
  • If the return is set to be manually signed, the taxpayer will not be able to complete the process on a smartphone. They will see the following message:



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Accessing the Return

1.) The email is received and opened on a mobile device. The link is the same as the desktop version. 


2.) They will be prompted to click "Get Started" to access the return. 


3.) They are asked to input the last 4 of their Social Security Number just like the desktop version.


4.) Once entered, the window requesting an Access Code will appear. This will differ slightly from the desktop version.


5.) The taxpayer can either open up another tab in their browser or press the 'Window' button on the device to switch to a different application and then open up their email.

They will receive an email with the access code. If they have not, they should add to your Junk and Spam filter whitelist and try again. They can copy the code and then enter it into the Access Code Required page.

*The image to the right shows an example of two access codes sent out.  The one highlighted in red is no longer valid because there is a newer code sent, in green.  If you accidentally send another code, look for the timestamps on the messages to see which one is valid.

6.) After you copy the code from the email, press the 'window' button again, and return to the SafeSend Returns page. It should still have the window up asking for the code. Input the code and press Continue, and you will reach the main landing page. mceclip15.png


Signing the Return

7.) Once authenticated, the taxpayer can click "OK" to begin. 


8.) They will then "Select Here to Begin". This page also shows a summary of their refunds/payments. 


9.) The taxpayer will then see the Message from Preparer. They will click "Continue" to move to the review section. 


10.) The taxpayer can now review the full return and click "Continue" to move through the review section. 


11.) At this step, the taxpayer will be prompted to enter their date of birth and consent to e-Sign. 


11.) If it is a joint return, they will be prompted to enter their spouse's email address. 


12.) They will now be prompted to answer knowledge-based authentication questions to verify their identity. 


13.) Once they pass the knowledge-based authentication, they can e-sign just as they would on a desktop or laptop. They can click the "Start" flag to be guided to the signature fields. 


14.) When they click the green Signature fields, they can select to add a premade signature or draw their own. They will click the "Next" flag to be guided to all of the signature fields, then click "Done" once the signing is completed. 


15. The taxpayer will be notified that the signing is complete and they will be given the option to download their tax documents. It is recommended they download the tax documents on a laptop or desktop rather than a mobile device. 


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