How do I Recall a Return?

  • Open Delivered return or Archived report
  • Click "Actions" to the right side of desired return
  • Click "Recall"

  • Click "Ok" on the prompt

  • Open "My Assignments"
  • You will see a return with the status of "recalled" 
  • You can take three actions
    • Click the red X to delete entirely
    • Click "Upload Corrected Return" to upload an updated PDF
    • Click "Client Tracking" to see how far the client got in the process before it was recalled


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  • Has a fix been made that does not email the client if the return has been submitted, or allows us to not send the email? If you recall a return due to the client not using, that additional email, especially if it has been a bit since it was originally delivered, causes undo concern on the client's part.

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