Adding Voucher Payments Manually

  • To add a voucher, you must go under the "Vouchers" tab.
  • Go to the Vouchers tab and click the "Add Multiple Voucher" button.
  • This will a pull up a blank document with the following panes to be filled in:
    • Authority
    • Payment Type
    • Form Name (This is what the client will see)
    • Due Date
    • Voucher Amount
    • Watermark drop-down menu
      • DO NOT PAY: Scheduled for automatic withdrawal
      • Online Payment Required
      • Add Custom - This will provide a blank text box to enter information


Please Note: When you select "Online Payment Require" that it will automatically link the corresponding site based on the "Authority" selected. Please verify that it is correct based on what is listed in the transmittal. If it not listed, then you would need to manually add it. 

  • After filling in the information select "Save Changes"
  • After hitting "Save Changes" the Voucher will now show under Pages on the left-hand side with "Form Name" that was entered. 
  • There will also be an image generated showing that the Voucher was created. 
  • This is also the same image that will be shown for the Voucher on the Clients end. 


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