Screen-Share: Taxpayer Experience

The screen share functionality from within SafeSend Returns offers an option to work with your CPA remotely.


You must be in your tax return to use screen-share, and need to be in communication with your tax professional to receive an access code. 

  1. Click on Contact Person in the top menu.
  2. Click on Share Screen.
  3. Enter the code provided by your tax professional.
  4. Click Share to begin the screen share.


  1. Select which screen contents to share with your tax professional:
    • Entire Screen
    • Window
    • Chrome Tab
  2. Select which Screen, Window, or Chrome Tab you wish to share.
  3. Click Share to begin the screen share with your tax professional.


When you are finished close your browser window or press the blue Stop Sharing at the bottom of your screen.

mceclip0.pngTo share your screen again your tax professional will need to provide you with a new code.

See WebRTC Screen-Share: CPA Experience for CPA screen-share instructions. 

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