Signer Delegation: Signer Experience

Once the Taxpayer has processed the Signer Delegation, the Delegate receives an email notification.  This email will contain an access link and the signing experience will be very similar to the Taxpayer's but they will have no access to the rest of the return.

  • The Delegate will receive the initial link asking them to sign the e-file forms.


  • The Delegate will click the embedded link to access the return.
  • Once loaded, click on Click Here to Get Started.



  • Social Security Authentication
    • Personal returns will include the Social Security Number Authentication screen before Access Code verification. Entity returns do not include this step. 
          1. The Delegate will enter the firm designated (first 4 or last 4) digits of the Social Security Number.
          2. Click Continue


  • Access Code Verification
    • One of two pages will display based on firm settings:
      • A. Email Access Code - The Access Code will be sent to the same email address the initial email was sent to. 


      • B. Mobile Access Code - The Access Code will be sent to the designated cell phone number via text message. This screen will appear if the Taxpayer entered the Delegate’s mobile number.
        1. Click on the Request Access Code
            • Retrieve the access code.
        2. Enter Access Code.
        3. Click Continue.


  • Signer Steps
    • Click Here to Begin. 


    • Message from Taxpayer displays.
    • Click Continue.



  • Knowledge-Based Authentication (1040 only)
    1. Enter required client data:
        • First & Last Name
        • Home Address
        • City, State, Zip
        • DOB
        • Last 4 of SSN (Social Security Number)
        • Check Agree to provide personal information
    2. Click Continue.

NOTE: If the client data is incorrect, the Delegate may not qualify for Knowledge-Based Authentication, and will be directed to manually sign. 


    • Correctly answer three out of five questions.
    • Click Continue.


  • Signing
    • A list of pages requiring signatures is displayed in the left panel.  When completed, a green checkmark will appear next to the page.
    • Click on the Start arrow to begin the signing process.
    • Click on the green signature blocks to open the Signature window to type out or draw your signature.
    • When all signatures are completed, click Continue.


  • NOTE: For 1040 returns, the typed signature cannot be edited.


    • Click Done to finalize signing. 



  • Decline to Sign
    • Click Decline Signing if the Delegate does not wish to sign. 


    • Enter Reason for Decline (required).
    • Click Submit to confirm and notify the sender.


    • You will be signed out and given an invalid link message.


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