Signer Delegation: Signer Experience

When the Taxpayer chooses Signer Delegation as the signing choice, the Delegate receives an email notification.  This email will contain an access link and the signing experience will be very similar to the Taxpayer's but they will have no access to the rest of the return.


  1. Click on Let's Get Started to access the signing documents.Signer experience - email.png
  2. Click Send Code for authentication. 
    • A code will be sent to your email OR your phone number. The verbiage on this screen will state where it was sent. 
  3. Enter Access Code and click Confirm.Signer Experience- access code- email or text.png

Sign Documents

  1. Click Get Started.Signer experience- sign docs- 1.png
  2. A note will appear from the Taxpayer. Click Print if you would like to save this message. 
  3. Click Next.Signer experience- Sign docs- 2-3.png
  4. Click Start to begin signing each signature field.
  5. Click the first signature field to Type or Draw your name.
    • Continue to click Next until all signature fields have been completed.
  6. The Next button will highlight and a Finish icon will appear when all fields are complete. signer experience- sign docs-4-6.png


If the return is a 1040, the signer will be required to enter their personal information and pass Knowledge Based Authentication before they can e-sign the return. If they fail, they will be directed to print the documents and manually sign the return. 

Decline to Sign

The delegate can choose to decline to sign. Once they decline, the link will be rendered and they will not longer be able to access the documents. 

  1. Click Decline
  2. Enter the reason for declining. 
  3. Click SubmitSinger experience- Decline.png

Once they click Submit, they will receive the screen below, and will no longer be able to access using the link provided to them. 

Decline- Final page.png

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