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SafeSend Returns can send out reminders for a Taxpayer's return based on the firm's reminder settings.  If enabled, the Taxpayer will receive a reminder for their upcoming vouchers in order to make a payment to the relevant authorities, either by using a payment link in the program or downloading a copy of the vouchers.


Any recipient who has received the initial email to sign their tax return will receive a voucher reminder. 

Reminder Email

The reminder received from our system will come from 'noreply@safesendreturns.com' and the subject will be "Reminder: Your current tax payment deadline is in 'X' days (X is the default reminder period that the firm has set for their voucher reminders).

The email will look like the one below.  The image in the top left will most likely be the firm's logo to confirm that it is coming from the correct firm.  The blue hyperlink will take the taxpayer to the authentication page of their return.



When you click the access link, you will be directed to the landing page for the return. Select the tab "Click Here to Get Started". mceclip0.png

You will then be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number, then select Authenticate to continue.


         ***Please Note: This step is not required for business/entity returns, only 1040 returns

Next, you will be prompted to request an access code. You must select the 'Request Access Code' button to continue. This will send an access code to your email address. 



The access code will expire after 20 minutes. Enter the code, then select "Continue".

Next, you will see the landing page with an overview of your tax information.


Download / Pay

 The main page of the return will have four options.  They can download their tax documents, make payments, or distribute K-1s (if applicable). 


Download Tax Documents

 Clicking on Download Tax Documents brings them to the master list of all available documents to download within the return.  They can download all, or download individual sections.  To download, just click on the blue arrow next to the documents that you want to download.


Make Payments

In the Make Payments section, the taxpayer will see all of their payments for all corresponding months.  The taxpayer can click through the months on the left to see currently due payments or upcoming payments.  The invoice will also be on the left, below the vouchers.

The taxpayer can download their filing instructions and the PDFs of the vouchers in the upper right-hand corner. You can also adjust your voucher reminder settings (or turn them off entirely) above.


You can click on the "Pay" button underneath any voucher to be taken to the web portal for that particular authority. The "Add payment details" button will allow you to mark the voucher as PAID. This function does not process payments and is for tracking purposes only.

IMPORTANT: If you need further assistance Please Submit a Ticket

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