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The My Downloads section has been implemented in order to provide peace of mind that you and your clients' larger downloads will complete without the concern that the downloads will time out or that you have to wait and not leave the page while they download, allowing you to continue to work while the files are prepared.

 Enabling My Downloads

In order to use the My Downloads function, it has to be enabled in your Settings. You can choose between direct download and download to My Downloads.

Firm Side

You will have the ability to select multiple documents in Delivered Return Reports and Archive Return Reports and click on Download Efile forms.  You will receive a green confirmation notice that reads Download process may take some time, the downloaded Efile forms will be available in "My Downloads".


Once the process has begun, you can view your current or previous downloads in My Downloads under your Profile.


Inside My Downloads, you will have the ability to view all of your bulk download items. Each event of the bulk download will be represented by an individual line.


  1. The status of the e-file forms selected when downloading.  All statuses will display based on those selected, i.e. E-Signed bulk downloads will read as E-Signed, while Uploaded and E-Signed returns downloaded together will read Uploaded, E-signed.
  2. A drop-down menu to show more detailed information on the return.
  3. Status and Download Button.  If the download is processing it will show as a spinning wheel but once it is ready it is replaced by a download button.
  4. Delete button, to delete the bulk download from your list.
  5. The detailed information of the download itself, including the name of the file, when it was downloaded, and the size of the download.
  6. Instead of manually clearing the downloads you can instead select Clear All to remove all downloads from the list.
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