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Users can download files directly to their PC, or they can choose to send items to a My Downloads folder in SafeSend Returns. The utility of the My Downloads feature is that items downloaded in bulk will download in the background, so the user can continue working while waiting for the download to complete. 

Enable My Downloads

  1. Navigate to User Profile.
  2. Click My Settings.
  3. In the Default Download Option drop-down select:
    • Download Now to download directly to your PC every time. 
    • Download to "My Downloads" to send every download to the My Downloads folder in SafeSend Returns.
    • Prompt me Every Time to choose for each download if you want to use Download Now or Download to "My Downloads".
  4. Click Save & Close.


Access My Downloads

You can view your current and previous downloads in My Downloads.

  1. Navigate to your User Profile.
  2. Click My Downloads


Inside My Downloads, you can view all of your bulk download items. Each event of the bulk download is represented by an individual line.

A. The status of all e-file forms selected is displayed in the Status section.

B. Click the drop-down menu to show more detailed information on the return (E).

C. The Status and Download button shows a loading wheel until it becomes a download button when ready.

D. Click the delete button to delete the bulk download from your list.

E. Detailed information about the download itself, including the name of the file, when it was downloaded, and the size of the download is displayed. 

F. Click Clear All to remove all downloads from the list.


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