Download E-File Forms and Audit Page

When a return is signed, it is marked as complete by the Status of either E-Signed or Uploaded. When a User receives the notification that the return is completed, they can download the e-file forms.

Downloading Signed E-File Forms

To download a single return's e-file forms:

    1. Locate the return and select the More drop-down.
    2. Click  Download e-file Forms.


To download multiple e-file forms:

    1. Click the checkbox next to each return OR
    2. Click the checkbox at the top of the column to select all visible returns. 
      • A new message will appear asking to select all remaining filtered records. Select click here to select all filtered returns across all pages.
    3. Click Download e-file Forms.


E-File PDF Contents

Manually Signed Returns:

The downloaded forms will only contain the documents uploaded by the taxpayer.  An audit page is not required for manually signed returns.

E-Signed Returns:

The e-file form downloaded for e-signed returns will be a single PDF file containing all signed documents and an audit page, which is required by the IRS. It includes information like who opened the document, who signed it, and what IP address was used. Below is a sample of one of these document history pages. 



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