Download E-File Forms and Audit Page

Once a taxpayer has either manually or e-signed their return,  you will have the option to download the e-file forms associated with that return. They are downloaded by selecting 'Download e-file Forms' from the action menu for that return. 


Alternatively,  you can select multiple returns then use the larger 'Download e-file Forms' button above the return columns to download multiple e-file forms at once. When the 'Click Here' button is selected, the remainder of filtered returns across other pages will be selected. 


E-file forms can only be downloaded from signed returns. If the return has not been signed, the following error message will appear if you attempt to download the e-file forms:


You can use the Status column to display only returns that have been signed:


Manually Signed Returns:

The e-files forms downloaded for manually signed returns will only contain the documents uploaded by the taxpayer.

E-Signed Returns:

The e-file form downloaded for e-signed returns will contain all the documents that were included in the E-File tab during processing. One PDF file will be generated containing all the documents. This PDF will also include a 'Document History' page, which is an audit page. This form is required by the IRS for e-signed documents. It includes information like who opened the document, who signed it, and what IP address was used. Below is a sample of one of these document history pages. 



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