Generate an Access Code for Taxpayers

If taxpayers do not receive an access code, users have the option to generate a new access code.


Generate Access Code

  • In the left panel, navigate to Reports and then to Delivered Returns.
  • Search for the return that is locked.
  • Navigate to the Action column on the right side and Select the More (...) icon.
  • Click View Access Code 


  • After users click on View Access Code a new window will open. 
    • If an active access code exists, user can provide the code to the Taxpayer.
    • If the access code is no longer active, users will see "N/A" in the access code column.


  • Users can now generate an access code for the taxpayer. 
    1. Users will click on Generate Access Code.
      • The system will generate a code and users will see the notification "Access code generated successfully" at the top of the window.
    2. Users will see the new access code in the access code column and can provide the code to the taxpayers. 
      • NOTE: The taxpayer will not receive this access code via text or email, you would need to provide it to them over the phone or in a new email. 


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