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Is it safe to enter my social security number (SSN)? Yes, look for HTTPS:// at the beginning of the site URL and a locked padlock symbol in your browser's URL bar to confirm you are on a secure site. For more information about product security,  see our Information Security Overview
After signing, will I receive confirmation that the return was successfully submitted? Yes, you will receive an email stating it was successful.
Will I receive a notification when my return is ready to sign?  Yes, email notifications regarding your return will be sent from
Can I set up reminders for my quarterly estimated payment? 

Yes, you can do this from the Pay screen. See the Pay Screen section of the Client Experience article for more information.

If a Partner/Shareholder declines to e-sign the K-1 how will I know?

The K-1 Distribution Page will show "Declined Consent". If they happen to decline by accident you can click "Resend" to allow them to accept and download. See the K-1 Distribution article for more information.  

I’d rather print and sign my e-file authorization form(s) - Can I do that?

Yes, select the Manually Sign button in the Sign section of your return. See the Manual Sign section of the Client Experience article for more information.

What if I don't receive an email with my access code? 

See the Access Codes Explained article for troubleshooting steps.  

My Spouse and I are filing our return jointly - How can we both sign the e-file authorization form(s)?

The firm will send the return to one spouse first, who will complete signing. At this point, the second spouse will receive the return for signing. See the Client Experience article for more information.

Will I have the option to download and print my return to retain for my records?

Yes, you can do so during the Review step of the SafeSend Returns process and after signing is completed. See the Client Experience article for more information.

What browsers are currently supported?  Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox, Edge and Safari are all compatible with SafeSend Returns. 
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