Voucher Reminder Notifications

Taxpayers can receive email notifications reminding them to pay their vouchers before the payment is due. The ability to turn on payment reminders is a setting controlled by your tax professional. If they have this option enabled when delivering your return, you can choose when to receive reminders or turn them off completely.


  • Changing reminder settings for either tax payments or estimated payments affects both. You cannot have a different reminder setting for a tax payment date versus estimated payment dates.
  • If the taxpayer turns off payment reminders they can only be re-enabled by the taxpayer, not by the firm. 

Settings for reminders appear on the Payment Details page for both tax payments and estimated payments.

  • If you have not completed the signature process, the Payment Details page will appear as part of the signing process.
  • If you have already completed your signature process and want to go back and change reminder settings, click on Make Tax Payments from the Summary page. You can then click on the tax payment or estimated payments buttons to be taken to the Payment Details page.

Change Voucher Reminder Dates

On the Payment Details page, above the payment buttons, is a section to control reminder settings. 

  1. Click on the drop-down menu to set the number of days before the payment due date to receive a reminder.
  2. Click Continue to save your settings.


Disable Voucher Reminders 

  1. Click the checkbox next to Email me... to completely disable payment reminders. Remember: If you turn off reminders, only you can turn them on again. Your tax preparer cannot re-enable the reminders. 
  2. Click Continue to save your settings.


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