Vouchers & Invoices

  • Select “Vouchers & Invoices

    • Under “Payment Vouchers”
      • You have the ability to enable or disable payment voucher reminders 
      • You also have the ability to set your default reminder time frame which can also be altered during the Delivery Options of the return
      • Before sending a return, your staff will have the ability to turn the reminders off on a return by return basis
      • After sending a return, your clients will have the ability to turn the reminders off if they choose
    • Under “Invoice Settings”
      • You can Enable Invoices  
      • You can allow users to send a return without an invoice
      • You can allow users to replace an invoice if you want to send one different than the one created by your tax program
    • Under “Online Payment”
      • Enter a valid payment URL. This will appear to your client in their Invoice tab
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