Client Instructions

You can customize the email notification received by your client, the Welcome Page where they will start the process, and the Client Instructions for each set of documents they will review in their tax return as well as create firm-wide defaults.

  • Expand Settings and select Client Instructions.


    • In this section, you will customize the messages and instructions that your clients will see as they make their way through their return
    • We have supplied default messaging for each section. You may choose to use what we have provided or add your own at any time.
      • Welcome Page
      • K-1 Welcome Page 
      • Initial Email
      • Voucher Reminders
      • Download Tax Documents
      • Download E-Signed Form
      • K-1 Distribution 
      • Download Instruction
      • Payment Instruction


    • In Client Instruction, the messages are broken down in the format above.
      • The name of the message, with a brief description of where the message is located or when it is sent, in the case of an email or reminder.
      • The Add button, which you can use to add additional messages to the relevant field beyond the Default.
      • A list of all current messages that have been saved, listed by name.
      • A preview of the message, including the name of the message, the Header/Subject, and the text.
      • The Edit button, to make any needed changes to an existing template.
      • The Delete button removes the selected message from the list.
    • Clicking on 'Add' or Edit' will open the following window:


    • Add/Edit Information:
      • 1.) A toggle that can make a selected message your firm's default.
      • 2.) The name of the message.  This is not displayed to clients.
      • 3.) The Subject/Header of the message.
      • 4.) The text will display in the body of the message.
      • 5.) The Variable List, which houses bracketed variables that you can add to the Subject or Text to personalize the message, such as <TaxpayerName> and <SenderEmail>.
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