Saved Messages

  • Your first option under Settings is "Saved Messages."
  •  These are messages that you can create and select under "Message from Preparer" during "Delivery Options" of the return. 

  •  To create a saved message you will go to "Saved Messages" and select "New"
  • This will bring up a seperate box that will allow you to create your saved message. 

  • Here you can create your message and the message name that will appear in the drop down menu. 
  • Once completed with your message you will select "Add" at the bottom.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation box that your message was added successfully. After selecting "Ok" this will take you back to the main screen.   

  • Now that you have created a saved message it will be listed in the "Select a Message to Edit" box on the left side. Here all "Saved Messages" that are created will be listed. 
  •  From here you are able to select a message that has been created and do the following:
    • Edit - Edit the current saved message
    • New - Create a new saved message
    • Delete - Delete the selected saved message
  • On the right side you will also see a drop down under "Company Default Message" where you can select the message that would be the default for all returns delivered. 
  •  If a default is selected then this message will listed in the drop up under "Message from Preparer" during the delivery options as shown in the first image. 
  • To activate this setting you would select the message you would like and select "Apply" on the upper right hand side for it to take effect. 

  •  Additionally under "Company Default Messages" there is a box that you can select to "Allow users to edit before sending"
  • This will users to edit the default message or create a personalized message for that return. 
  • To activate this setting then you would just need select "Apply" on the upper right hand side for it to take effect. 


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