Schedule K-2 and K-3 FAQ

For the 2021 tax year, the IRS introduced new Schedule K-2 and Schedule K-3 forms to report certain international income, deductions, credits, and other miscellaneous items for pass-through entities.

General information

Does SafeSend Returns support Schedule K-2 and Schedule K-3 forms?

Yes. When uploading a return including a Schedule K-1 package, the Schedule K-2 and/or K-3 will be recognized as part of the Schedule K-1 package and will be collated accordingly. 

Where will these forms appear in the SafeSend Returns interface?

SafeSend Returns will place them in the K-1 tab.

Do I have to perform any special actions or adjust any print settings for Schedule K-2 and K-3 forms? As long as the Schedule K-2 and/or K-3 forms are printed behind the Schedule K-1 for each shareholder/partner, the forms will be handled properly.
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