IRS E-Signature Policy Update

The IRS has extended its temporary policy on accepting e-signatures for certain forms indefinitely. An up-to-date list of documents approved for e-signing can be found on their website, along with more information on the extension:

Forms recognized by SafeSend Returns that qualify for E-signing
These forms can be uploaded and processed with a return:

  • Form 8879 series 
    • Form 8879 (Form 1040)
    • Form 8879-C (Form 1120)
    • Form 8879-F (Form 1041)
    • Form 8879-PE (Form 1065)
    • Form 8879-S (Form 1120-S)
  • Form 8453 series
  • Form 8878 series

Any forms not recognized by SafeSend Returns can be delivered with the return by uploading them to the Additional E-sign Documents tab. See the article Processing a Return for more information about the Additional E-sign Documents feature.

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