Grouped Returns: Sharing screens with a controller

When processing grouped returns, SafeSend Returns allows controllers to share their screen with a user in the firm. This provides "over the shoulder" assistance to the controller as they fill out their returns.


You must follow the steps below in the exact order shown.

Before you begin

  • The grouped return must have been delivered to the controller.
  • Make sure you are in direct contact with the controller via a phone call or chat.
  • Make sure the controller has the group return open in their web browser.
  • Make sure you are in the Grouped Returns Report and have the controller's group visible on your screen.

How to share screens with a controller

  1. Tell the controller to go to Contact Person > Share Screen.

  2. The controller will see a Share Screen window with an access code field. Tell them to wait while you generate the code.

  3. In SafeSend Returns, click on the ellipses (...) drop-down menu on the group and select Screen Share > <Controller Name>.

  4. Tell the controller the code that appears on your screen.

  5. Have the controller enter the code into the Share Screen window and click Share.

  6. In SafeSend Returns, click Share.

  7. The controller will see a popup where they can choose to share their entire screen, a window, or a browser tab. 
  8. Tell the controller to make a selection and click Share.

  9. The controller's screen will appear in the SafeSend Returns user's web browser.
  10. When done, tell the controller to click Stop Screen Share in the floating window. They can also do this by going to Contact Person > Stop Screen Share.

  11. The controller will see a message that screen sharing has stopped. Tell them to click OK to dismiss the message.


Additional information

The user at the firm can also access the Screen Share command from the ellipses (...) drop-down for a single return in the group.

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