Grouped Returns: Reports, Recycle Bin, & Settings

This article provides detail for reports, actions, and settings available in Grouped Returns.


The Grouped Returns Report provides a view of delivered returns within a group name. 


Locating Returns

  • Navigate to Grouped Returns and click on Grouped Returns Report.
  • Click on desired Group Name to expand the Grouped Returns list.
    • Searching within a group is not available. Once the group is located, users will need to scroll through to locate a specific return.
  • Once the Group Name is expanded, the columns and Action Column Icons match those within SafeSend Returns.
    • Users can customize what columns are shown and the order.



Quick Access Actions

  • Quick Access Action buttons will be grayed out until one or more returns are selected from the Grouped Returns Report.
    • Set Access
      • Set Access is the only action that can be applied to all Groups.


  • In order to use the other Quick Access Actions, the user will need to select all the returns within the Group Name.


    • Custom Column (if enabled)
    • Download E-File Forms
    • Send Reminder

Action Menu

  • Action Menu options apply to the specific Group Name.
    • If the Group Name is expanded, Action Menu will be specific to that return.  
  • The same Action Menu options are the same as SafeSend Returns with two exceptions:
    • Controller Tracking allows you to view actions taken by the firm and managing member. 
    • Controller View allows you to view the managing member's tax return dashboard. 



Recycle Bin

  • Delivered returns that are deleted will be placed in the Recycle Bin.


  • The line data is retained for tracking purposes.
  • Restore the return by using the Restore button. 
  • Delete returns in the Recycle Bin one at a time or in bulk.
  • Check the box next to the line item.
  • Select Delete.


  • Confirmation of Permanent Delete will display. 
  • Click Confirm.
  • Returns that are deleted from the Recycle Bin cannot be recovered.




Client Instructions

  • Client Instructions are email notifications the managing member will receive. Each message type can be customized.
    • The types of Client Instructions are the same as SafeSend Returns.
  1. Add template
  2. Edit template
  3. Delete template


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