Signer Delegation: Frequently Asked Questions

User Questions

Is there any added cost for using Signer Delegation?

No. There is no added cost when using signer delegation. The standard fee for KBA (Knowledge Base Authentication) will be applied if KBA is selected for signer delegation of a 1040 tax return.

Will the delegate get signing reminders?

No. Signing reminders will be sent to the person who received the return first.

Will there be tracking history for Signer Delegation?

Yes. Tracking of Signer Delegation will be listed in client tracking. 

Can Signer Delegation be turned off on a return-by-return basis?

Yes. While processing the return under the Delivery Options tab, you can edit the Signatures Options.

If a return is recalled that had been delegated, will the return be recalled from all parties?


If a corrected return is uploaded and re-sent, will SafeSend Returns remember if the first return was sent with Signer Delegation?


Can MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) still be used for returns that could be sent with for Signer Delegation?



Taxpayer Questions

 Can Signer Delegation be cancelled?


 If the delegate declines to e-sign, can the managing member re-send for signer delegation to the original delegate or a new delegate?


Can the managing member send to multiple people for Signer Delegation?


Can MFA be used when return is sent for delegation?



Delegate Questions

Will the taxpayer be able to use Signer Delegation to the allow the spouse to sign first? No.
Can a delegate decline to sign?

Yes. The person who sent the delegation will get a notification email. 

Will the delegate get multiple access codes for multiple returns?

Yes. The delegate will need request and enter the access code to access the e-sign documents.

Can the delegate choose to use MFA when they receive a return for Signer Delegation?


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