Grouped Returns: Frequently Asked Questions

User Questions

Is there any additional cost for using Grouped Returns? There is no additional cost, firm rate will be applied for each return. 
Can past returns be moved to a group?

No. Once a return has been delivered it cannot be moved into Grouped Returns

How many returns can be delivered in a group? 100 returns per group.
Can you create a group prior to uploading a return? No. You will need to upload at least one return to create the Group Name.
Can a return that is in All Assignments be moved to a Group? Yes. There is a Group Name option in the Delivery Options
Will UltraTax CS integration work with Grouped Returns? Yes. The returns can be grouped together after they are transmitted to SafeSend because the are stored in all assignments area until processed.
Does the Client Info need to be updated when processing the return? No. Since the return is being sent in the group, the managing member's email address will be used.
Do all the returns within the group have to be delivered at the same time? No. You can choose what returns within the group to send.
How can I tell what returns have been processed and approved? The return Client ID will change color in the Finish tab of the user dashboard. 
Will there be a Delivered Reports area for Grouped Returns? Yes.
Who will be receiving signing and voucher reminders for returns delivered in a group? The managing member receives all reminders. 
Is there a search option within the Grouped Returns group? No. The user will need to scroll through the group to locate the return needed. 
Do you have to add all returns to a group before you deliver the group to the managing member? No. You can assign a return to a group and deliver. You can upload additional returns to that existing group and deliver later.
Can you customize the columns that are seen in the Grouped Returns Report? Yes. The user will have the ability to set the columns they would like to see in the report (same feature as SafeSend Returns Delivered Returns report).
Can you download signed 8879's from multiple groups at the same time? Yes. 


Managing Member Questions

Will the managing member get a notification email for each return delivered within a group? No. The managing member will get one email to access all the returns sent at that time.
Can the managing member distribute the K1s? Yes. After the return is delegated or signed. 
Will the managing member be able to view all grouped returns at the same time? No. They will need to review each return individually. After their review, they will need to return to the Tax Return Dashboard.
Will the managing member be able to see what returns have been e-signed? Yes. Once the return has been signed, the dashboard will be updated.
If returns are delivered to the managing member at separate times, will they have to use the most current link to access the grouped returns? No. The same link to the group of returns will be sent to the managing member if additional returns are added to the group.


Grouped Returns with Signer Delegation Questions

Can the managing member use Signer Delegation in Grouped Returns?


Can a managing member delegate a return to different signers within a group?


Will the managing member be able to see that status of a return after it has been delegated?


Will the managing member receive notifications when the delegate e-signs?

Yes. The managing member will receive an email notification letting them know the signing of the tax documents is complete.

If the managing member delegates signing from grouped returns, does the delegate receive one email with all the forms that have been delegated?

No. The delegate will receive an email for each return they need to sign and will need to request access codes.

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