K-1 Recipient Experience

When a K-1 package is delivered to a partner or shareholder, the experience will be similar to that of a tax return recipient. This process is outlined below. 


  • The partner or shareholder will receive a link via email they will use to access the K-1 package:


  • The link will open in a web browser, and the recipient will be prompted to request an access code.
    • ***Please Note: This process will not work in Internet Explorer because Microsoft has stopped supporting it. The recipient will need to use Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox, Edge, or Safari. They can copy/paste the link into one of these browsers. 
  • The recipient will need to select the Request Access code button, which will send a code to their email address.
  • A pop up will confirm the code has been sent.




  • The recipient can copy/paste the code into the Enter Access Code field, then select Continue.
  • When the code is entered, the recipient will see the K-1 CONSENT screen:


  • The recipient must click I AGREE to continue and download the documents.
  • If the recipient clicks DECLINE, they will be directed back to the Request Access Code page.
  • If they agree, they will be directed to the following page:


  • The recipient can use the blue download arrows to download the documents.
  • They can also select Profile to update their contact information:


  • The Logout button will direct the recipient back to the Request Access Code page

The recipient can access the K-1 package and profile section as long as the main return is valid. If the main return is deleted or recalled, the K-1 links will be rendered invalid. 

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