Tax Returns: Reminder Management

The Reminder Management section of SafeSend Returns® will allow you to see a report of currently delivered and scheduled voucher payment reminder emails.

  • Open the Tax Returns menu.
  • Click on Reminder Management
    1. Select the Date Range you want to view.
      • This is by the date that Reminders were delivered or are scheduled for delivery. 
      • For example, to see your reminders scheduled for 7/15, select a date range of 6/26 - 7/15.
      • To see vouchers previously delivered, choose a date range in the past such as 4/1 - 4/15.
    2. After filtering by date, you can use the column sections to further filter the data.
      • Click on the column to sort A-Z or High-Low depending on the value, or enter a value like a Client Name or Reminder Status.
    3. Export this list by using the Export button on the top right.
      • The exported file will be a .CSV file including all data shown via filter.


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