Can Taxpayers Sign Bank Account Verification Forms in SafeSend Returns?

Yes! The form just needs to be added or moved to the E-File Tab during processing, or uploaded as an Additional E-Sign Document. 

SafeSend Returns is not trained to automatically recognize Bank Account Verification forms as forms that require a signature, mainly because these forms are not all formatted in the same way. The form can be uploaded by itself, or it can be included in the PDF that is uploaded into SafeSend Returns and be moved to the E-file tab. Any of our available e-Signature blocks can then be added to the form. 

Add Form (Additional E-Sign Documents Tab):


  • In this tab, you can add any additional documents that need to be e-signed.
    • You can use the green and white plus button to upload a PDF document to be signed. 
  • If your firm has decided to use the E-Sign options, you will see the same signature fields available in the E-file tab in the right-hand panel.
    • You can drag and drop these fields onto the form.
    • You are able to move or delete these boxes.
    • The dropdown with the taxpayer's name allows you to select the taxpayer or spouse. When one is selected, the signature boxes assigned to that taxpayer will be highlighted. 

Move Pages:

The Bank Account Verification form will likely be placed in the Tax Return Tab or the Transmittals Tab. Once you locate the page, you can move it to the E-File Tab using the orange 'Move To' button. 


You can also locate and move the page from the Group Tab. You would select the page using the checkbox in the upper right-hand corner, then use the orange 'Move To' button:


Add Signature Field(s)

Once the page has been moved to the E-File tab, you can use the 'Add. . .' buttons in the right-hand panel. These buttons must be dragged and dropped onto the page. If it is a joint return, ensure that the correct taxpayer is selected before adding the signature/date/initial/company field. The selected taxpayer will be prompted to fill in that field. When a taxpayer is selected from the dropdown, the fields they will be prompted to fill are highlighted. 



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