Client Experience: Make Voucher Payments

Clients can make payments through SafeSend Returns after signing and completing all forms. They can also mark vouchers as Paid for tracking. This, along with reminders, helps clients and firms keep track of important steps throughout the process.

To begin, clients will need access to the return. This can be accomplished by re-visiting one of the email notifications sent by the firm.  If needed, a new link can be sent by the firm.


Payments are not processed by SafeSend Returns, but by the taxing authority for the voucher. 

Accessing the Payment Screen

Navigation will vary depending on whether or not the return has been signed. 

Unsigned Return

  1. Complete the Authentication, Review, Sign, and K-1 Distribution (if applicable) steps in the Client Experience help center article. 
  2. The Pay section displays all Tax Payments due. 
  3. Click Continue to be directed to all Estimated Payments due. 


Signed Return 

  1. Complete the Authentication step in the Client Experience help center article. 
  2. Click Make Tax Payments on the landing page. 
  3. Click Tax Payments OR
  4. Click Estimated Payments



Making a Payment

The standard process for paying a voucher is outlined below. Your voucher may state Online payment required, DO NOT PAY: Scheduled for automatic withdrawal, or have custom instructions listed. 

  1. Click a due date from the left-hand panel.
    • All vouchers due that period are displayed in the central panel.
  2. Click the Pay button on the voucher to be paid.
  3. Click Download Voucher to pay by check or money order OR
  4. Click Pay Online to be directed to that taxing authority's website.
    • This opens a new window in your web browser (ensure that pop-ups are enabled).
    • You will be directed to the relevant taxing authorities website. 
    • The process varies depending on the taxing authority.


Adding Payment Details


This is for record-keeping purposes only. This does not process or confirm payment from the taxing authority.

Add a Payment

  1. Click the Add Payment Details link underneath the Pay button.
  2. Enter the Amount Paid.
  3. Enter the Date Paid.
  4. Enter the Check Number (optional). 
  5. Click OK to mark the voucher as Paid

The Pay option is no longer available once the voucher is marked as Paid.


Update/Remove a Payment

  1. Click the Update payment details link underneath the Paid button.
  2. Change the Amount Paid as necessary.
  3. Change the Date Paid as necessary.
  4. Change the Check Number as necessary. 
  5. Click Update to finalize your changes OR
  6. Click Clear Details to empty out the payment details attached to the voucher.
    • The Pay button is available again when this option is used. 



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