Should I use TaxCaddy Integration 1.0 or 2.0?

If you have TaxCaddy integrated with SafeSend Returns, you will have the option to have your taxpayers e-sign through TaxCaddy rather than SafeSend Returns. Using this setting will enable the TaxCaddy 2.0 integration, and not using this setting will have the TaxCaddy integration 1.0 remain.


To enable or disable this setting, navigate to "General" in settings:


Click on the gear icon beside the TaxCaddy On/Off switch:



Taxcaddy integration 1.0 (Recommended)

Leaving this box unchecked will have taxpayers taken through SafeSend Returns where they will follow the standard process to e-sign their tax documents.



Taxcaddy integration 2.0 (Not Recommended)

By checking this box, taxpayers will not be taken through SafeSend Returns and will instead be brought to TaxCaddy to e-sign their tax documents.



We do not recommend that you leave the above box unchecked, as it can add confusion to the taxpayer experience to receive a SafeSend Returns link and be brought to TaxCaddy instead.

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