Unlocking a Client's Return

Taxpayers may receive a message that the return is locked.  Taxpayers become locked out of the tax return because of three failed attempts to log in by entering an incorrect/expired access code or incorrect/partial social security number.  If taxpayers are not able to log in with their access code please read the article on why access codes may be invalid. The taxpayer will need to contact the firm and users will need to unlock the return.

NOTE: SafeSend cannot unlock client returns, this action must be performed by the firm.

Client View

After too many unsuccessful attempts the taxpayer receives an error message in red, stating "Your tax return revival is locked because of 3 continuous unauthorized attempts.". This error message persists even if they close and re-open the link.


At this point, the firm is required to unlock the return.

Unlocking the Return

After the return has been locked, the user-designated to be Notified of Signing Events receives the following email:


  • In the left panel, navigate to Reports and then to Delivered Returns.
  • Search for the return that is locked.
  • Navigate to the Action column on the right side and Select the More (...) icon.
  • Click Unlock Return.
    • The Unlock Return option is only be available if the return is locked. If the Action menu does not show the Unlock Return option, then the return is not locked. 


  • The taxpayer receives an email notification that the return is unlocked. 
    • NOTE: Previous notifications will not allow access to the unlocked return.
  • Taxpayers can now try and access their return as outlined in the Client Experience article.


Access Code Tips for Taxpayers

  1. Click the Request Access Code button.
    • This sends an access code to the taxpayer's email or phone. 
    • Only click the button once to prevent multiple codes from being generated. 
    • Codes are no longer valid after they are entered, after 20 minutes, or when a new code is generated.
  2. Copy/paste the access code into SafeSend Returns to prevent typos.
  3. Click Continue.



Access Code Tips for Users 

The firm can generate an access code and provide it via phone or email to the taxpayer, if necessary. The following help center article outlines this process:

Generate an Access Code for a Client

For additional assistance with access codes, see the below article:

Invalid Access Codes

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