"Non-Supported" 1041 Returns

Are the K1s are being suppressed? Even if it’s 0.00 or blank, the K1s must be included in the client copy of the PDF. If  you do not want to send the K1’s, you can remove them from the grouping tab in SafeSend Returns. If the K1s have been suppressed, you are not going to be able to upload into SafeSend returns.

Unfortunately, without K-1s the system is not going to allow the 1041 to be processed with SafeSend Returns. We do not have a way to manipulate it so that it will accept it without them. These particular returns will not be a good candidate to use with the program at this time. 

We are in the process of working on enhancing the program to accept 1041s without K1s but this will not be until sometime after the 4/15/2019 deadline.

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