Sending a Tax Return with TaxCaddy integration

Follow the steps below to process and send a return through SafeSend Returns with TaxCaddy integrated into the system. 

Please Note: This article was written with the assumption that the reader is already familiar with processing a return through SafeSend Returns. If you would like more detailed instructions about the processing steps, please click here.

Login to SafeSend Returns

  • Click the blue "Upload" button

  • Use the drag and drop feature by dragging files into the "Drag Files Here" Box
    • You can also click the box to browse out to your File Explorer
  • Verify Client ID
  • Select the "ERO/Signer*" and "Submit"

  • Select "All Assignments" from the left-hand panel
  • Once the status is "Ready" select "Actions" and "Process Return"

  • Once you are processing, Confirm the taxpayer information on the right-hand side
  • Click "Finished" on the bottom right
  • SafeSend Returns will check with TAxCaddy for a Taxpayer match
  • If a match is found, review the client details and "Confirm" the match

  • Click "Deliver and send Final Documents to TaxCaddy"
  • This will also deliver the return to the client via SafeSend Returns

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