Assignments Action Icons

At the top of the listed returns the following actions icons will always be viewable for both "My Assignments" and "All Assignments" when looking at all returns listed, unless otherwise noted: 

  • Assign
  • Delete
  • Set Access
  • Upload 
  • Export To Excel ( All Assignments only )


  • Assign - This is where you can Assign returns to be edited or processed by yourself or another user. 
    • To do this you select the box just left of the return and then "Assign" at the top. 
    • This will bring up the window, shown below, with a drop down of all users listed for your firm to select who you would like to "Assign" the return to. 
      • Select the user and then hit the "Assign" button at the bottom. 
      • You will receive a confirmation box and this update will now reflect in the "Assigned To" column and show "Processing" in the "Status" column. 


IMPORTANT:  If a return has not been manually assigned to anyone, the user that opens and begins processing the return first will have the return automatically assigned to them. 


  • Delete - This is where you can delete returns in multiples 
    • To do this would just need to select the boxes on the left side of the return(s) and then hit "Delete" at the top
    • You can also delete a single return by hitting the red "X" on the right side of the "Actions" drop-down menu. 
    • You will receive a confirmation box asking you to "Are you sure you want to delete these selected documents?" and then select "OK".



  • Set Access
    • You can restrict access on any return to the users of your choice. The default is firm-wide visibility for all returns. If you did not do this during the submission process or need to edit access:
      • Check the box to the left of the Taxpayer Name.
      • Click “Set Access” above.
      • Move Users from the box on the left to grant those users access to this return.
      • Move users from the box on the right to restrict access to this return.



  • Upload - This will always be available in the same area for all subcategories for  Assignments and Reports.
    • Whenever you need to upload a return at any point you would just simply click on "Upload".
    • Once selected it will bring the "Upload Document" window to allow you to upload new returns. 



  • Export To Excel-  (All Assignments) This is where you can export all information listed for all returns showing in All Assignments. 
    • To do this you would just select the Export to Excel button on the top right-hand side and this will automatically generate a spreadsheet with the information. 


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