Delivered Return Statuses


  •  Awaiting E-Sign: This Status will appear when one or more taxpayers have not yet e-signed their e-file authorization(s). If this status is grey, no one has e-signed. If the status is blue, the first signer has completed e-signing, but not the second. 

  • Awaiting Upload: This status appears when the taxpayer will manually sign and return, but has not yet uploaded the signed documents. 
  • E-Signed: The e-file authorization has been electronically signed by the taxpayer(s) and documents are ready for download.
  • Manually Signed: If a taxpayer sends a physical copy of their completed e-file authorization back outside of our program, then the firm would need to change the status to Manually Signed. 
    • After a return has already been marked as signed (uploaded, signed, or e-signed status), the status cannot be changed.

    • You can change the status of a return from "Awaiting E-Sign" or "Awaiting Upload" to "Manually Signed", but only if it is in one of these two statuses.

    • If one spouse has e-signed and the other has manually signed, the Change Status option will only allow you to change the status to "Signed and E-Signed". 

  • Signed & E-Signed: When one taxpayer has e-signed and the other has manually signed. This will allow the download of the e-file authorization with the first e-signature.
    • If a return is switched from an Awaiting status to Signed & E-Signed status, a Reason must be filled out.


    • This reason will then be added to the Client Tracking for reporting purposes.


  • Uploaded: The e-file authorization has been uploaded by the taxpayer and can now be downloaded and saved.
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