• Select “General

    • Delivery Options
      • You can require that only the Partner on the tax return be allowed to send for delivery, or you can allow any user to deliver the return
    • Download Options
      • Transmittals
        • You are able to allow your clients to see their Transmittals as a separate line item from their Tax Return, creating 2 PDFs or you can combine them all into 1 PDF, labeled Tax Return
      • Payment Vouchers
        • You Can allow your clients to view and download their Vouchers by Quarterly Due Date, with an individual PDF for each date, or you can combine all of them into a single PDF
    • Taxpayer Authentication
      • You can choose for the initial verification whether the Client verifies the First or Last four of the SSN to access the return
    • Customer Delivered Report
      • Here you are able to add an additional column delivered reports.
      • This is for firms with multiple offices to help organize from which office the return was processed through
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